Beasties of Greenhollow

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Pandomime Studio’s first ever title will  soon be available on android and PC! After five months of toiling, testing, and polishing we’re finally almost ready to share our creation with the world. We hope you will enjoy Beasties of Greenhollow as much as we’ve enjoyed the adventure of creating it. For more about the experience of creating this game, check out our dev logs in News.

Beasties of Greenhollow is a strategic turn based team building game that features a collection of cute creatures based of Scottish mythology. Explore a mysterious realm of fairies, elves, magic, and creatures as you fight your way to the center of this hidden realm at the request of a mysterious masked figure. What are Shellycoat’s true intentions?

Game Play Highlights:

  • Collect Beasties
  • Grow your Bestairy
  • Build powerful team combos
  • Manage recources to acquire equipment and Beasties
  • Explore six colorful worlds
  • Team up with one of four Beastie’s clans
  • Change up the rules in boss battles against Nora’s elite team of elves!

When and Where to Get Beasties of Greenhollow?

BoG is expected to go live starting on Steam May 13th!

You will be able to buy the game in a lot of places!

  • Steam
  • Google Play Store
  • Itch

Please note! As of now, we are not planning to upload to the Apple App store due to the annual fee they charge.

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