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Welcome to Pandomime!


An indie game studio ran by passionate artists and gamers.

Meet the Team

The Pandomime team is always growing as we seek talented artist and creators to help bring about our vision for innovative indie games. So far, our team is an international powerhouse of creativity that brings together three brilliant minds from three different countries. With our broad array of talents, we are able to build not only video games but also interactive experiences of audio, literary, and web based media. In addition to our own numerous productions, Pandomime has the skills and know-how to tackle projects on a commission basis. Reach out to us to inquire how we can help you build your dream game!


E. Eames

Software Developer

C. Donaghy

Pixel Artist

M. Lehmkuhl

Current Projects

Here at Pandomime we like to keep pretty busy. Needless to say, we have quite a lot of projects and games well underway! From interactive websites, tabletop role play games, to games for both pc and mobile, we have tons to share with the world. Much of our projects are still in the works, but rest assured as soon as they’re closer to completion you’ll find out about them here first! To make it even easier to keep up with us, be sure to follow us on social media and join our newsletter.

We’re also open to take on projects! Are you looking for a a skilled and dedicated team to make a game for you, your movie, or your franchise? Reach out to us! We offer skilled and passionate work from a creative and empowered team. We can make an innovative and immersive experience to tell your story in style and get your fans excited for more to come.

Beasties of Greenhollow

Our first ever game is titled Beasties of Greenhollow and it’s almost ready for release! We expect to launch the game on Steam May 13th.

BoG is a fast paced, fun monster collector where players will grab their favorite creatures of Scottish mythology to fight through the mysterious land of Greenhollow.


Try the Demo now!

Beasties of Greenhollow screenshot- the screen is divided in two with a team of beasties on each side, ready to fight

Reach Out to Us!

Have any questions for us or just feel like chatting? We’re always happy to hear anything you have to say!