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  Who Are We?

The Pandomime Studio team is just made up of two team members as of today. Leading the charge is the director (E. Eames) who goes by InkSpecter on most social media platforms. InkSpecter provides top level decisions and general support for design, writing, and art as needed. The real powerhouses of the trio though is unquestionably the developer and artist C. Donaghy and M. Lehmkuhl, respectivley.

C. Donaghy goes by DiscoReptile on most platforms and is a talented degree-holding game developer from Scotland who currently specializes in the GameMaker Studio Engine.

M. Lehmkuhl holds a technical degree in animation and is working through a degree is Music. He is an incredible pixel and design artist from Brazil.

Our Design Philosophy

We’re a team of old school gamers and we have old school values from the golden age of gaming. We value artistic expression highest of all. Our skillset is continuously deepening with each completed project, but ass of now we focus of 2d pixel art games that hearken to the long lost era of SNES, Gameboy, and GameBoy Advance. As we grow, we’ll regularly update our design philosophy with stronger values. Currently these our the guiding principles we look to each day;

Immersive Game Play: A lot of games these days seem to be made by people who rather make a movie; there’s no room for the player to use their own imagination or to put themselves in the game as their being spoon-fed a highly controlled and contrived experience. At Pandomime, we believe that the game needs to be about the player’s experience first and foremost. We endeavor to make games with plenty of room for players to explore on their own terms without being directed or dictated on how to feel or think.

Intentionally Retro: With this one, we’re really playing to our strengths and pixel artists. We believe that NES, SNES, GB/C, and GBA has some of the most beautiful as well as excellent gaming experiences of all time. As a result, our games are heavily inspired by this era and we like to think of our titles as what it would look like if these consoles had been given modern iterations with new technology instead of being swept under the rug by the slash-and-burn antics of their manufacturers.

Atmospheric Design: At Pandomime we want to welcome you into a new and exciting world with each title. Our goal is to make fascinating and curious realms chock-full of exciting and fun regions and characters. We want to bring back the early feel of retro games who’s limited technology often resulted in emergent strange and alien worlds ready to be explored by the eager gamer.

Engaging Mechanics: To us, the real point of a game is to be fun. But apparently, this isn’t so obvious to many triple A creators we’re supposed to look up to! The last decade or so of gaming has produced many games that have boring mechanics, dull worlds, dis-satisfactory game play, and are more like having another job than a hobby! No matter what genre we’re tackling, Pandomime vows to make games that feel good to play.

Are You Looking to Have a Game Made?

In addition to our own numerous productions, Pandomime has the skills and know how to tackle projects on a commission basis. Reach out to us to inquire how we can help you build your dream game! Our basic pricing starts at $45 per hour with a minimum time frame of 160 hours for a one month turnaround to build beautiful corners and prototypes. Complete games can typically be created in 800 hours which is roughly five months.

Looking for Career Opportunities?

As a brand new game company our budget is still very limited. However, we hope this will change soon with the release of a few titles very soon. The next talented individual we hope to add to the team is a 3d artist, an concept artist with a focus on storyboard and comic art, or an animator.

As a 3d artist, your initial work with us with be to generate asset packs to offer on various platforms to help monetize and grow the studio.

As a concept artist you will assist the pixel artist with concepts for areas, characters, and other assets; assist in planning scenes and scenarios for games with simple story boards; and potential create comics about games and their related stories and characters to help monetize and grow the studio.

As an animator, your task will be to create cinematic for use in games and to post on various platforms about games and their extended story to help monetize and grow the company.

Follow our Upwork profile for job postings.

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Reach Out to Us!

Have any questions for us or just feel like chatting? We’re always happy to hear anything you have to say! If you’re interested in reaching out to us about something much more specific, please check out our contact page which has subject options for you to easily select rather than typing out all information out.