Welcome to the Built Upon Nightmares Role Play System Demo

Version 1.0

BUN: Shadow Pets Logo, art by Robert Eloy

Pandomime Studio is excited to announce the completion of our first of role play combat system! This humble looking character sheet is the beating heart of our upcoming role play titles. With this demo, you can explore the deep character customization of the Built Upon Nightmares role play system. The goal of this system is to truly unlock character creation like never before!

As of version 1.0, players can set their stats, level all the way to level 100, fast forward through grinding away experience, optimize their stats for critical hits and blocking, and break their stats. What kind of character will you build?!

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How to Play

In BUN, players start at level 1 with all stats at 0 and 102 points to spread out how they want. How you spend your stat points will determine how your character behaves in a fight.

Players can also increase their available starting points by "breaking" up to two stats. Click the 'X' next to a stat to break it. For the purpose of this demo, there aren't any special attacks in place so we recommend breaking Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense every play through.

Experiment with diferent stat combos and see how far you can level up!

Quick Start

  1. Refresh the page until you are happy with your 'Apt' stat score.
    Hint! The higher the Apt score, the better.
  2. Click the 'X' next to 'Sp ATK' and 'Sp DEF' for bonus forty points
  3. Distribute points amongst the remaining stats and HP until there are 0 left.
    Note! You CAN leave some stats at 0, add nothing extra to HP, or just about any combination. Experiment!
  4. Click the 'Start' button to save your stat arrangement
  5. Click 'Fight' to start the battle and again to fight each new turn! You can also click 'Auto' to fight until you're defeated or level up. Click 'Stop' to return to turn-by-turn fighting.
  6. When the points Pool turns green and your level flashes, you've leveled up! Distribute all your points to continue fighting.
  7. Enjoy!